Spotlight: TinySupply

I found TinySupply on Instagram and has been finding myself revisiting their page quite frequently. I guess I am really addicted to cute and tiny stuff. The other reason might be due to they are from Singapore, which is the country I grew up in, and I immediately felt this kinship. During my childhood days I have always loved anime and all things "kawaii". But as I got more into art and design, I grew out of the anime/kawaii/chibi type of interest and started to like things more flat and graphic. 

What I love about TinySupply's products are they have this great balance between being "kawaii" and "design-y". What I mean is that it almost embraces a bit of minimalism (having simple facial features for animals, limited color palette for each item, and they are neatly organized), but keep things fun and cute enough for everyone to go "awww". 

Things got even better when I saw they make these personalized picture frames for couples and families. It is really sweet to see the portraits and people's favourite things and memories all in one gift. I definitely would want one for my wedding haha!

And don't forget they make really cute tablewares too!

My heart totally melted seeing these! Oh and did I mention all their products are all meticulously hand-painted? And some are so tiny that I feel like you could only paint on them using a toothpick.


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